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Style By The Pipeline Companies From New
- Jun 27, 2016 -

"You know what? Starting from this year, I have over 40 years of medical examinations of women workers from two years to one year. "To work on May 22, reporters saw women employees in twos and threes they were talking about, it turns out, this is the pipeline companies to improve the style of work, implementation of the workers ' proposal and introduced a new initiative.

In recent days, the pipeline company news is always continuous. When the paycheck, caring company employees wages this month, call Internet fee deduction has changed. Also this year, the company held "double" to start. At that time, staff representative of the pipeline company's Al-Qaida network is slow, high costs of proposal, the company immediately responded to the leadership, decided to carry out network upgrades at the same time, Internet access costs from 50 down to 30 yuan.

Then, affect safety on the roads within the community of nursery stock transplanting, expansion of private car parking and some related to the personal interests of the staff and are also in the gradual implementation of recommendations.

Let employees watch goes one by one, listening to a comfortable, intimate things that benefit all the companies maintain close ties with the leadership, focus down, an epitome improve work style.