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Stainless Steel Valve Which Is The Most Used In Chemical Enterprises
- Jun 27, 2016 -

1, stainless steel ball valves work by a rotating valve straight to keep the valve open or closed. Shanghai valve stainless steel ball valves for small size, can make a very large diameter, sealing device structure is simple, easy to repair, sealing surface and a spherical often closed, not easy to medium wash, widely used in the chemical industry. Stainless steel ball valves can be divided into several, a floating ball type, ball type and screw type.

2, stainless steel gate valve gate valve, which commonly used valves in chemical enterprises. Its principle is closed gate sealing surface with bright, flat sealing surface of valve seat height differences, fit each other, prevents the corrosive medium flow and relying on top model, spring or disc mode, to enhance the sealing effect and its role in in the main line cut off. Stainless steel gate valve has the advantage: smaller fluid resistance, opening and closing avoid fatigue, two-way activities under the conditions of use in media, no direction, when fully opened, the seal is not easy to wash out, constructs short, not only suitable for small valves, and suitable for bigger valves. Stainless steel valve stem threads fall into two categories, one is the rising stem type, and the other is dark rod. According to the gate structure, divided into two categories, one is parallel, the second is.