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Shaanxi Thirteen-Five 85 Counties Across The Province During Water Supply Facilities Renovation And Expansion
- Jun 27, 2016 -

Shaanxi Province "Thirteen-Five" through the improvement of water supply facilities and new, further improve the town water supply capacity, expanding the scope of services, improve water quality, establish a "reliable sources, facilities, scientific management, service standards, water quality, response contained" safety and security of the water supply system, Shaanxi Province, to accommodate the rapid urbanization and industrialization development new demands for water supply.

The Shaanxi Province "Thirteen-Five" County water supply plan is now completed, "Thirteen-Five" will have 85 County area for reconstruction and expansion of water supply facilities in the province. Construction project 70, 114 water plant, the laying of pipes 1904 km, estimated total investment of 3.963 billion yuan.