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Pipe Fitting Mould Within The Temperature Is Consistent
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Pipe mold in the processing process, in theory, the requirements of the mold parts of the mold temperature should be uniform, so that all parts of the plastic products will shrink the same rate, but in the actual work of the mold temperature is difficult Keep the temperature uniform. In general, the temperature of the tube mold is low in the middle of the middle, and in the multi-cavity tube mold, the mold temperature at the large product is high, the mold temperature at the small product is low, Thick non-uniform products in the pipe mold, it is the wall thickness of the mold temperature is high, the wall thickness of the mold temperature is low. To this end, the design of the cooling system, the mold temperature must be high focus on the local cooling, so that the temperature of plastic mold as much as possible, while in a multi-cavity mold positioning, the large products should be diagonal row to meet the pipe mold The heat balance and pressure balance requirements.

Pipe fittings are generally corrosive with PVC plastic, so the Arnold hot runner can not be used, can only use the cold runner. Because Sinuo tube products are relatively thick, so generally use large gate