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Pipe Fitting Mould The Reaction Conditions Are Different
- Oct 23, 2017 -

First of all, to do a pipe mold, it is necessary to design, Pipe Fitting Mould to not things, the minds of the idea of things to design it, it is necessary to mention the Shouban, through the Shouban to imagine things made of real things , According to your thoughts to make him more perfect, Shouban made out later, put it, took the professional mold factory, mold factory to copy the number of companies Chaoshuo, Pipe Fitting Mould handle the size of the board copied out, which is to do the mold Single-handed data, with the data can be exactly the same and Shouban exactly the same thing. After the number of copies out, it is necessary through the mold design engineers with professional software such as AutoCAD, Pro / E to design it, while the other work at the same time, such as selection of steel, Pipe Fitting Mould mold and so on. Pipe mold selected steel, steel material back just a pile of iron, not the mold, to be processed in the above is the mold, steel bought back, it is not casually in the above chaos to do, but to be very sophisticated Do, the higher the accuracy of the better, the current international most advanced technology to do out of the mold error is only a few U, but the cost of this mold is also high first he wants a good steel, another good machine, Pipe Fitting Mould this machine is at every turn 100% above, of course, no good master is no good

Second, the selection of steel, it is necessary to start hands-on, Pipe Fitting Mould for a simple cavity-core mold, first by the computer gong programming master to the program in the computer gong above the mold gong out, and some gong place To use EDM machine for EDM; for complex surface with the mold, you need to use three-axis linkage machine tool processing, NC program needs in the professional CAM software generated according to the three-dimensional model. Pipe Fitting Mould Finally, after the mold to do it to try to try, after a good test can be a model.

Pipe mold has good tensile strength, compressive strength, but its flexibility is not as good as other plastic pipe, excellent corrosion resistance, the price of plastic pipe in the most cheap, Pipe Fitting Mould but the lower temperature of the more brittle tubing for residential life, mining , Water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, wire pipe, rain pipe, industrial corrosion pipe CPVC pipe mold tube heat resistance, heat distortion temperature of 100 ℃, excellent chemical resistance for hot water pipe PE resin is made of monomer ethylene polymerization, due to the polymerization due to pressure, Pipe Fitting Mould temperature and other polymerization conditions are different, can be obtained different density of resin, which in turn high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene The points With a light weight, Pipe Fitting Mould corrosion resistance, non-toxic, easy to bend, easy construction and so on.