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Pipe Fitting Mould Process Requirements
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Tube mold processing generally need to experience the processing procedures have CNC milling, EDM, wire cutting, fine carving, drilling machine, grinder, etc., Pipe Fitting Mould according to the requirements of the customer mold processing processes are not the same, some customers on the surface of the product has a special requirements then we have to consider which processing procedures will meet customer requirements, But basically the domestic mold is similar, in addition to GB is the standard, GB mold are fixed specifications in accordance with national standards to do, and the standard is not the same, this is based on the needs of customers to make, Pipe Fitting Mould some customers in order to save cost consideration of these! A wide variety of pipe fittings, There are many kinds of materials, such as, each kind can be subdivided into a lot of specifications.

This paper analyzes the forming process, die structure and manufacturing process of the pipe fitting mould products. Ensure that the die life of the pipe is up to 500,000 times; Pipe Fitting Mould must design the complete mold structure and the processing part, and puts forward the assembly request and the injection molding process request, causes the plastic parts appearance quality flaw (such as the contraction and so on) or the mold structure question (such as the classification surface setting, Pipe Fitting Mould the gate setting, the mold life cannot guarantee and so on question).

1, pipe mold appearance: the appearance of pipe mold mold must ensure no rust, no impact, no deformity of the module defects;

2, Pipe fittings mold Transport: Mold transport must be installed locked mold, packaging solid, rust-proof;

3, pipe mold information: In the mold delivery, Pipe Fitting Mould we must provide a complete set of mold vulnerable parts and maintenance reference materials.

Pipe fittings Mold A wide range of pipes, PVC, PE, PP, ABS, CPVC, PVDF, and so on, this article for everyone to popular science plastic pipe parts mold attention and the general chemical properties and main role.

PVC Pipe Mold has a good tensile, compressive strength, but its flexibility is less than other plastic pipes, corrosion-resistant, price in all types of plastic pipes the cheapest, but at low temperature more brittle pipe, for residential life, industrial and mining industry, agricultural water supply and drainage, irrigation, gas, exhaust pipe, wire conduit, rain pipe, Industrial anti-corrosion pipe, Pipe Fitting Mould such as CPVC pipe fittings die heat resistance performance outstanding, thermal deformation temperature of 100 ℃, chemical resistance is good for hot water pipe PE resin is made from monomer ethylene polymerization, because in the polymerization of pressure, temperature and other polymerization conditions, can be different density of resin, Pipe Fitting Mould and thus have high-density polyethylene, Medium-density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, easy bending and convenient construction.