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Pipe Fitting Mould Performance
- Jul 28, 2017 -

Pipe Fitting Mould Hot-dip galvanized, also known as hot-dip zinc, is the workpiece degreasing, Pipe Fitting Mould pickling, immersion, drying showed no pollution, the infiltration of the surface immediately immersed in the molten zinc solution for a certain period of time in the workpiece surface to form a layer of zinc coating Methods.

Galvanized galvanized also called electro-galvanized, Pipe Fitting Mould the use of electrolysis equipment will be degreased by the workpiece, pickled into the zinc salt solution into the solution, and connected to the electrolytic equipment, the negative; placed in the opposite side of the workpiece zinc plate connected to the electrolysis equipment Positive, connected to the power, the use of current from the positive to the negative direction of the movement, Pipe Fitting Mould it will be deposited on the workpiece layer of zinc.

Hot galvanized appearance without cold galvanized fine bright, Pipe Fitting Mould but the thickness of the zinc layer is hot galvanized galvanized several times. Anti-corrosion performance is also several times the electro-galvanized. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe at both ends of the blue ink printed hoop, the whole body has the implementation of standards and specifications; in the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe at one end of a zinc needle or a little tumor hanging, both inside and outside have a complete galvanized layer, the appearance of no cold Galvanized smooth; cold galvanized coating with bright, and the sun into a certain angle under the bright into a colorful, cold-plated steel pipe hole only at both ends of a little zinc layer, and then there is no galvanized layer, Pipe Fitting Mould cold galvanized domestic steel pipe Both ends as smooth, absolutely no zinc tumor produced. Appearance does not implement the standard. Cold galvanized steel pipe looks bright and smooth.

Hot galvanized coverage is good, the coating is dense, no organic inclusions. Pipe Fitting Mould It is well known that the mechanism of anti-atmospheric corrosion of zinc has mechanical protection and electrochemical protection. Under atmospheric corrosion conditions, ZnO, Zn (OH) 2 and basic zinc carbonate protective film on the surface of zinc layer, to a certain extent, reduce the corrosion of zinc. Pipe Fitting Mould Layer protective film (also known as white rust) is damaged and will form a new film. When the zinc layer is seriously damaged, endanger the iron matrix, zinc on the substrate to produce electrochemical protection, zinc standard potential -0.76V, Pipe Fitting Mould iron standard potential -0.44V, zinc and iron to form a micro-battery zinc as the anode is dissolved, iron As the cathode is protected. It is clear that the hot-dip galvanizing is superior to galvanized by the atmospheric corrosion resistance of the base metal iron.

The process of forming the hot-dip galvanized layer is the process of forming an iron-zinc alloy between the iron matrix and the outermost pure zinc layer. The surface of the workpiece forms a iron-zinc alloy layer during hot dip plating, so that the iron and pure zinc layer The process can be simply described as: when the iron workpiece immersed in the molten zinc solution, the first in the interface to form zinc and α iron (body) solid melt. Pipe Fitting Mould This is the matrix metal iron dissolved in the solid state of zinc atoms formed by a crystal, between the two metal atoms are fusion, the gravity between the atoms is relatively small. Pipe Fitting Mould Therefore, when zinc is saturated in the solid melt, the two elements of zinc and iron diffuse into each other, and the zinc atoms diffused into (or infiltrated) the iron matrix migrate in the matrix lattice, gradually forming alloy with the iron, and diffusing To the molten iron in the molten iron with zinc to form intermetallic compound FeZn13, Pipe Fitting Mould sinking into the hot galvanized pot bottom, that is, dross. When the workpiece removed from the dip zinc solution when the surface of the formation of pure zinc layer, hexagonal crystal. Its iron content of not more than 0.003%

The cold galvanizing process is used to protect the metal from corrosion, which utilizes a zinc filler coating, which is applied to the protected surface by any of the coating methods, Pipe Fitting Mould after drying to form a zinc filler coating, Contains zinc (up to 95%). Suitable for repair work (that is, in the repair process, only in the protected steel surface damage, as long as the repair surface can be re-coated). Cold galvanizing process for a variety of steel products and structures of the anti-corrosion. (Cold galvanized galvanized galvanized, Pipe Fitting Mould very little galvanized, only 10-50g / m2, its own corrosion resistance than hot dip galvanized much different. Pipe Fitting Mould The use of electroplating zinc prices are relatively cheap.