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Pipe Fitting Mould Mold Processing Flow
- Sep 26, 2017 -

Pipe mold processing generally need to go through the processing of CNC milling, EDM, wire cutting, carving, drilling, grinding machines, etc., according to the requirements of the mold processing process are not the same, some customers have special requirements on the surface of the product We have to consider which process will meet the requirements of customers, but basically the domestic mold are almost, Pipe Fitting Mould in addition to the national standard is the enterprise standard, the national standard mold are fixed specifications in accordance with national standards to do, and the enterprise standard is not the same, This is entirely based on the needs of customers to develop, and some customers in order to save costs to consider these! Many types of pipe fittings, Pipe Fitting Mould such as the material to the sub-there are many types of each category can be subdivided a lot of specifications.

 The mold forming process, the mold structure and the production process of the pipe mold are analyzed. To ensure that the die mold life of up to 50 million times; Pipe Fitting Mould must design a complete mold structure and processing parts, and put forward the assembly requirements and injection molding process requirements; resulting in plastic parts appearance quality defects (such as shrinkage) or mold structure problems (such as sub-surface settings , Pipe Fitting Mould Gate settings, die life can not be guaranteed and so on).

1, pipe mold appearance: pipe mold mold appearance must ensure that no rust, no collision marks, no residual defects and other modules defects;

2, pipe mold transport: mold transport must be installed on the mold, packaging, solid, rust;

3, pipe mold material: in the mold delivery at the same time, Pipe Fitting Mould must provide a set of mold wearing parts and maintenance reference material.

 Fittings are modern industries, especially cars, aviation, Pipe Fitting Mould electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, instruments, knives, daily necessities and other essential technology and equipment, these industrial sector output products are 60% - 90% of the parts are Rely on the pipe mold.

  According to statistics, the proportion of die-related molds is about 100, that is, die mold growth of 100 million yuan, can bring the relevant wealth of 10 billion yuan. Selection of the scale of the mold point is: to determine the combination of mold form to determine the cavity wall thickness of the cavity model Zhou Honggou template perimeter to determine the thickness of the template to choose the size of the mold frame honing the suitability of the selected mold. Some plastic parts because of the shape and plastic varieties and other factors need to use a high injection pressure to proceed as a result of this selection of injection needle injection pressure must be larger than the need for forming the injection pressure: that should be satisfied with the following formula p Note = to make. The main business scale is as follows:. p  Note  ---- the choice of the injection machine of the largest injection pressure  kg / cm ?? ⊕. Note . Unitized design. The The 1 plastic parts of the forming process analysis of plastic parts name: product material: abs (impact) plastic parts quality :. According to other classification. Engaged in stamping, plastic molding equipment operation and maintenance work; .. 6 sample honors statement. Pipe Fitting Mould The 5 sample honing application form. Three craft comparison. 90: What is the relationship between plate thickness and rivet diameter? A: single row and double row overlap when the rivet diameter to take twice the thickness; single row and double row double cover plate when connected, the rivets diameter to take.