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Pipe Fitting Mould Complex Process
- May 26, 2017 -

Pipe Fitting Mold manufacturing process is a complex process, from the design, processing, assembly, commissioning and other steps, the last can be truly put into use, Pipe Fitting Mould throughout the life cycle, the factors affecting the quality of the mold mainly have the following 10 aspects:

Several commonly used steels

Steel is the decisive factor of the quality of the mold, the choice of reasonable steel is the most important. The criteria for selecting steel are:

Shan Injection Molding materials Requirements-different plastics to choose different steel, such as high polishing requirements, corrosion resistance requirements and so on;

Shan Price-The steel is good enough, Pipe Fitting Mould not the more expensive the better; taking into account the cost factors of mold, die steel to choose and die life of the corresponding materials, to avoid unnecessary waste; Generally P20 life expectancy is about 300,000; 2738, 500,000 no problem, H13 2344 is usually above 801 million, can choose according to the situation;

Shan heat treatment. The surface treatment of molds is also very important. Nitriding-can enhance the surface hardness of steel, effectively prolong the die life; electroplating-can effectively modify the mold steel, for some need high brightness and corrosion-resistant plastic parts can use electroplating to enhance and improve the performance of steel

Structural design of pipe fittings

The mature mold structure not only takes into account the product material attribute-shrinkage rate, molding temperature, elastic tensile deformation coefficient, Pipe Fitting Mould but also takes into account the cooling waterway, the speed of opening and closing mode. Reasonable mold structure can effectively prolong the die life and ensure the smooth production of molds. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

工欲善其事, its. The arrangement of die process is particularly important, and the reasonable process arrangement can accelerate the production cycle, Pipe Fitting Mould shorten the processing time and save the cost effectively. And more importantly, accurate and reasonable processing can ensure the mold in the production process stability and prolong the life.

Machining errors will lead to the mold welding, no matter how good the welding, to die is a loss; In addition, the processing is not good and may affect the mold movement, reduce the die life, resulting in the mold in the production process of tension and even broken.

Determines the bucket capacity is the lowest of a wood strip. This is understandable, but it is often not noticed when you do it. Mold is the same, standard parts, Pipe Fitting Mould although not directly involved in molding, but control the entire operation of the mold. Good standard parts should be able to wear, hard, high precision, not suitable for deformation. Different brands of standard parts of the difference is very big, so do not blindly cut the price of the mold, kill to kill, your mold from the Mercedes-Benz straight to the public.