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PE Pipe Fitting Mould Very Critical
- Jul 28, 2017 -

PE pipe mold injection molding The most important three conditions are temperature, PE Pipe Fitting Mould pressure and time: Temperature: PE pipe is a thick-walled parts, in order to avoid the cooling temperature is too large lead to internal stress, barrel temperature should take a lower value. Barrel temperature distribution, generally from the hopper to the nozzle temperature from low to high, PE Pipe Fitting Mould so that the smooth rise of plastic temperature to achieve the purpose of uniform plasticization. To prevent plastic overheating, PE Pipe Fitting Mould so the temperature near the nozzle section is slightly lower. Mold temperature on the inherent performance of products and the appearance of a great impact on the quality of PE, in addition to filling speed, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the mold temperature will also directly affect the product of the crystallinity and crystal configuration. Therefore, the polyethylene (PE) pipe mold suitable for the use of medium mold temperature, for polyethylene (PE) materials, the cooling rate is appropriate, the plastic crystallinity is moderate, with good physical and mechanical properties. PE Pipe Fitting Mould Pressure: The pressure in the injection process includes both back pressure and injection pressure. PE Pipe Fitting Mould When using a screw type injection molding machine, the pressure at the top of the screw when the screw rotates is called back pressure.

In general, the increase in back pressure increases the temperature uniformity and mixing uniformity of the polyethylene (PE) melt. Increasing the back pressure also facilitates the removal of the gas from the melt and increases the melt density to increase the injection volume of the machine. For polyethylene (PE) raw materials, increasing back pressure increases the melt's temperature, composition and color uniformity. PE Pipe Fitting Mould Time: During the entire molding cycle, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the injection time and the cooling time have a decisive influence on the quality of the product.

  There are many ways to mold the molds, PE Pipe Fitting Mould among which the most commonly used method is the direct pressure method and the casting method. The selection of the original material for the forming of the pipe and the study of the die structure are also critical.

Fitting die design should focus on the cooling of the pipe mold, PE Pipe Fitting Mould it is the product itself and the nature of the material is closely related. Pipe mold to have a reasonable shrinkage. Plastic mold processing need to pay attention to the type of mold, PE Pipe Fitting Mould generally divided into compression mold, injection mold and casting die. They are relatively molding of the molding equipment. Design should pay attention to the maximum thickness of the pipe die and the minimum thickness.