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PE Pipe Fitting Mould Technical Regulations
- Aug 04, 2017 -

China's research on polyethylene pipe began at the end of the twentieth century. By the Scientific Committee as a key scientific and technological projects. PE Pipe Fitting Mould Respectively, from raw materials, processing, application of their own standards and other aspects of the relevant achievements. At the end of the twentieth century, China really introduced the relevant standards for the delivery of polyethylene materials and technical standards.

Compared with ordinary pipe, PE material advantage is more obvious, first of all, its material low temperature tolerance is good, and has a strong flexibility, PE Pipe Fitting Mould pipe strength is relatively high. So it can be applied in some special industries, because the traditional steel corrosion resistance is low and poor sealing performance, and polyethylene material greatly solve the problem, and the cost is more low. In addition, PE Pipe Fitting Mould because the polyethylene material is relatively high flexibility, strong corrosion resistance, which can be used in corrosive soil, mountain, earthquake and so on. Can bring huge economic benefits, to analyze its advantages, including the following points.

2.1 Corrosion resistance. As the chemical properties of polyethylene materials are inert, and therefore should not be associated with other substances chemical reaction, PE Pipe Fitting Mould that is difficult to resist chemical media erosion. Thus, no coating is required during the application.

2.2 will not produce a leak. As the material pipe connection with the form of welding, which can ensure that the interface material with the pipe structure is consistent, PE Pipe Fitting Mould making the interface with the integration characteristics. Through the tensile test at the interface and the blasting test, it can be seen that the performance at the interface is higher than that of the pipe itself, and it has good resistance to the pressure inside the pipe and the axial tension, PE Pipe Fitting Mould and thus does not cause the twist Gas leak.

2.3 high toughness. Based on the properties of polyethylene materials, polyethylene tubing has high toughness characteristics, the elongation at break than other materials larger, generally greater than 50%. And thus can adapt to the basic settlement of the uneven environment, PE Pipe Fitting Mould and in the seismic adaptability and better performance.

2.4 strong scratch resistance. Most of the gas pipeline laying the use of slotted construction, and thus in the construction process scratching caused scratches can not be avoided.

But scratches can lead to stress concentration, which causes damage to the pipeline. Polyethylene pipe PE80 grade above the polyethylene material, PE Pipe Fitting Mould in the anti-scratch ability is extremely prominent, and the higher the level, the stronger the scratch resistance.

2.5 strong flexibility. As an important feature of polyethylene materials, PE Pipe Fitting Mould excellent flexibility makes PE pipe in the gas pipeline transportation project more valuable. Unlike other materials, polyethylene tubing can be coiled, can be long-distance supply, and no need to connect pipe.

2.6 longer service life. General PE material has 50 years of service life, PE Pipe Fitting Mould which is mainly based on the characteristics of the pipe and the design basis to be determined.

In accordance with the differences in construction methods, polyethylene pipe fittings in the application can be divided into hot melt fittings and capacitor tube two. And in accordance with the differences in the production of pipe fittings can be divided into dry pipe fittings and plastic pipe fittings two. Most of the pipe fittings can be molded by injection molding. However, if the tube is larger, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the weight and the volume is relatively large, then the manufacturing process can be used in the way of welding manufacturing. Welded pipe fittings are mainly elbow, tee and Stone, pipe fittings are enlarged size. General elbow, flange, diameter tee and reducer tee, adjustable and end caps are used to make the way of injection molding. In addition, most of the financial pipe fittings are also used to manufacture the way injection.