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PE Pipe Fitting Mould Simple Structure
- Jul 20, 2017 -

PE Pipe Fitting Mould Common pipe extrusion head structure with straight, right angle and side of the three forms.

 1. Straight-through pipe is mainly used for extruding thin-walled pipe, its structure is simple and easy to manufacture. Straight-through pipe head for extrusion tubing, shunt and shunt bracket design into one, easy loading and unloading. Plastic melt through the shunt bracket, resulting in a few welding marks, easy to eliminate. Straight-through pipe head for extrusion molding soft and hard PVC, polyethylene, nylon, polycarbonate and other plastic pipe.

2. Right angle squeeze pipe head. When the inner diameter is used for the inner diameter, the cooling water passes through the mandrel 3. The plastic melt surrounds the mandrel and forms a weld mark. PE Pipe Fitting Mould Melt flow resistance is small, forming a higher quality. But the head structure is complex, manufacturing difficulties.

Mainly determine the shape and size of the die, PE Pipe Fitting Mould mandrel, shunt and shunt brackets. When designing the pipe head, there are known data including the extruder model, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the inner diameter of the product, the outer diameter and the product used Of materials and so on.

The die is a molded part for forming the outer surface of the pipe. In the design of pipe mold, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the main size of the die is the diameter of the die and the length of the section.

1) The diameter of the die D The diameter of the die is not equal to the size of the outside diameter of the pipe, because the extruded pipe is removed from the die, the pressure suddenly decreases, the volume expansion, the diameter increases, this phenomenon is Barus effect. It is also possible to shrink the diameter due to traction and cooling shrinkage.

The outer diameter of the vacuum is shown in Figure 5-8. PE Pipe Fitting Mould A vacuum is drawn between the outer wall of the soft tube leaving the extruder head and the die and the inner wall of the sleeve to produce a large vacuum suction force to close the outer wall of the pipe against the inner wall of the sizing sleeve. This method is also called vacuum adsorption stereotypes. Vacuum method of the sizing device is relatively simple, the nozzle does not need to block, but the need for a set of vacuum equipment, PE Pipe Fitting Mould commonly used in the production of small tubes.

Vacuum sizing production and the nose die should be 20 - lOOmm distance, so that the outflow of the die in the die from the mold expansion and a certain degree of air - cooled shrink, and then into the sizing in the cooling stereotypes.

The vacuum in the sizing sleeve is generally required at 53-66kPa. PE Pipe Fitting Mould Vacuum pore size in the range of 0.6-1.2mm selected, PE Pipe Fitting Mould and plastic viscosity and wall thickness, such as plastic viscosity or wall thickness, aperture take a large value, and vice versa.

The length of the vacuum sizing sleeve should generally be greater than the length of the other types of sizing sets. For example, for tubing with a diameter greater than 100 mm, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the length of the vacuum sizing sleeve may be 4-6 times the outer diameter of the pipe.PE Pipe Fitting Mould This helps to better improve or control the effects of die swell (Barrus effect) and cooling shrinkage on pipe size.

The inner diameter of the pipe is a sorting method for fixing the inner diameter of the pipe. This method is suitable for lateral feed or right angle extrusion head. As shown in Figure 5-9, the sizing device is connected with the extruded die, and the cooling water is passed into the sizing die. When the tube through the positioning of the mandrel, PE Pipe Fitting Mould then get the diameter of the exact size, cylindrical degree of better plastic pipe. This method uses less, because the standardization of the pipe series to the outer diameter prevail. PE Pipe Fitting Mould But the inner diameter of the strict requirements for the pipeline, PE Pipe Fitting Mould is the only application of this method, while the inner diameter of the inner diameter of the pipe distribution is more reasonable.

1) The sizing sleeve should have a certain taper along its length and between 0.6: 100-1.0: 100.

(1) is the diameter of the pipe diameter is slightly larger than the pipe diameter, The wall gets a lower surface rough plating. In addition, through a period of wear and tear can also ensure the size of the pipe diameter ds tolerance, improve the life of sizing sets.

(3) sizing the length of the general take 80-300mm. Traction speed or larger pipe wall thickness to take a large value; the other hand, take a small value.