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PE Pipe Fitting Mould Life
- Oct 13, 2017 -

PE pipe fittings are increasingly widely used in daily life, in which injection molding technology accounts for about 80. The injection molding PE pipe is widely used in many fields such as automobile, building, household appliances, food and medicine because of its one-time forming, precise size, can bring inlay piece, high productivity, easy to realize modernization, less processing quantity and so on. The selection of plastic mold, PE Pipe Fitting Mould for the plastic industry production can receive good economic benefits is very important, therefore, mold designers understand the basic requirements of mold materials and select the appropriate material is necessary.

PE pipe mold Working conditions and cold stamping different, generally need to work under the 150℃-200℃, in addition to a certain pressure, but also to withstand the temperature effect. PE Pipe Fitting Mould Based on the use of plastic molding mold conditions, the different processing methods of plastic mold steel basic performance requirements are summarized as follows:

PE pipe mold Hardness is usually below the 50-60HRC, after the heat treatment of the mold should have enough surface hardness to ensure that the mold has enough stiffness. Die in the work due to plastic filling and flow to withstand greater pressure and friction, the mold to maintain the shape of precision and dimensional accuracy of stability, PE Pipe Fitting Mould to ensure that the mold has enough service life. The wear resistance of the mould depends on the chemical composition of the steel and the hardness of the heat treatment, so the hardness of the mould enhances its abrasion resistance.

Excellent cutting processing property

Most PE pipe mold, in addition to EMD processing also need to carry out a certain cutting processing and fitter repair. In order to prolong the service life of cutting tool, improve cutting performance and reduce surface roughness, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the hardness of steel for pipe fittings must be suitable.

The low-temperature embrittlement point of PE water pipe is 70 ℃, which is superior to other pipelines. In the winter field construction of polyvinyl chloride (PVC-u) tube easily brittle crack, PE Pipe Fitting Mould there is a clear special card, in order to improve the toughness and low-temperature impact resistance of PP, ethylene and propylene monomer copolymerization into a random copolymer polypropylene (pp-R), PE Pipe Fitting Mould the general use of IPP technology routes and methods, The blends of propylene and ethylene were polymerized, and the copolymers of propylene and ethylene were distributed irregularly in the main chain, PE Pipe Fitting Mould and the ethylene content in pp-R material was about 3%. But the improved low temperature performance of PP-R is still unsatisfactory, and its embrittlement point is about 15 ℃, which is much higher than the embrittlement point temperature of polyethylene pipe-70 ℃.