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PE Pipe Fitting Mould Has A Unique Plastic Material
- Sep 26, 2017 -

PE pipeline materials and product quality has made great progress in the field of gas and water supply has been widely used, the use of high quality PE pipe excellent performance and chemical resistance, but also open up other market areas, such as municipal water transport, PE Pipe Fitting Mould acid waste water transport, Wastewater treatment pipes and so on. This paper discusses the characteristics and requirements of polyethylene pipes in industrial applications, the production technology and control points of non - standard polyethylene pipes, and analyzes the relevant requirements, characteristics and quality control of polyethylene pipes in industrial applications.

Plastic pipes for the transport of industrial fluid media, PE Pipe Fitting Mould due to their unique plastic material molecular structure, make it in the field of industrial use relative to the metal material shows unparalleled superiority. The molecular chains of thermoplastics are combined with stronger inter-chain (sub-price) forces, rather than the chemical bonds that are unique to the crosslinking system. Therefore, the separation of the molecular chain of the thermoplastic does not involve the destruction of the main valence bond. PE Pipe Fitting Mould The interaction between the solvent and the plastic is not fundamentally different from that of the solvent with the low molecular weight organic substance.

The process of absorbing or desorbing the fluid medium in a plastic is time dependent, subject to its solubility and diffusion coefficient, PE Pipe Fitting Mould and some materials are staggering for a balanced time. Therefore, the ISO 4433 series of "Thermoplastic Tubes - Resistant to Liquid Chemicals - Classification "The standard sample (for the type of tensile test) made from the test material is taken from the pipe and the sample is completely immersed in the liquid chemical to be tested and subjected to a certain soaking cycle, PE Pipe Fitting Mould depending on the time The change in the quality of the sample, the change in tensile properties (elastic modulus, yield and fracture strength, yield and elongation at break) are used to measure the chemical resistance of a plastic pipe material to a fluid medium without stress.

For the polyethylene pipe used in the industrial field, in the design calculation can be based on the pipeline material, design temperature, PE Pipe Fitting Mould design life from the table in Figure 1 found in the minimum corresponding to the recommended static pressure of polyethylene prediction value of the lower limit σLPL value. For more accurate values can be calculated according to the formula. The design stress is equal to the minimum required for the hydrostatic strength to predict the lower confidence σLPL divided by the overall use (design) coefficient C. Also known as safety factor method.

Pipeline application design factor CA is a value greater than 1, PE Pipe Fitting Mould should be fully taken into account the fluid conditions, installation environment and fluid chemical properties and other factors, by the designer according to the various conditions of the pipeline to consider, to ensure that the pipeline design Have reliable security. According to the experience and the actual use of the general selection between 1.3-4. For low pressure, room temperature, low concentration of acid, alkali, PE Pipe Fitting Mould salt can be selected between 1.3-1.5. For very warm or corrosive media should choose a higher application coefficient to ensure the necessary safety margin. If the conditions are more complex or have a certain risk, it should be careful not to use only a simple safety factor method for pipeline design, for safety reasons, should be used by the test method (ISO 4433) to obtain the basis of the pipeline material stress σB.