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Junction Box Mould Production Efficiency
- May 26, 2017 -

Junction Box Mould The role of the gating system is to fill the molten state of the plastic into the cavity, and in the process of filling the injection pressure to the plastic parts, so as to obtain the required plastic parts. The pouring system is composed of four parts, such as gate, runner, feed mouth and cold material hole. The mould is designed with 2 side gate feeding, Junction Box Mould and the gate is cut off automatically when the sprue is out, which saves production time and improves production efficiency. The concrete shape and position are shown in Fig. 1, the gating system is established in MPI software, and the related flow analysis is carried out.

The flow analysis can get the filling time, injection pressure, melt front temperature, cavitation and weld mark Position, and the visual display on the computer screen, so as to help the process staff to find the cause of defects, and constantly adjust the gate position and runner size, finally get a more balanced flow scheme. Figures (2), (3), (4), (5), (6) are part of the results of the flow analysis. From the graph, the filling time is 1.239sec, the injection pressure is 37.35MPa, the filling is more uniform, Junction Box Mould but there are weld trace and cavitation and other process defects, however, the location of weld marks in the outside, will not affect the quality of the product, and gas hole position can be trapped through the top bar, push pipe, slider and the clearance of the gap and the separation of the type of surface discharge ...

The thread of the plastic parts is divided into internal thread and external thread, and for the internal thread of the plastic parts, the inner thread of the component section can be designed if the structure permits. From the structure of the mold, if space allows, can be used in the oblique-top block core to form a segmented internal thread. For the complete internal thread plastic parts, Junction Box Mould one method is to adopt forced demoulding, but requires plastic parts structure to allow and plastic parts material suitable (good elasticity); the other is to make the threaded core into an active insert to mold the outside demoulding to shape, although the mold structure is simple, but the production efficiency is low, the labor intensity is big, Junction Box Mould cannot realize the automation operation; Another method is to adopt the automatic thread removal mechanism, the mold production efficiency is high, the labor intensity is small, can realize the automation operation, is suitable in the mass production.