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Junction Box Mould Of The Manufacture
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Junction box mold manufacturing generally have to go through forging, cutting, heat treatment and other processes. In order to ensure the manufacturing quality of the junction box mold and reduce the production cost, the material should have good malleability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability and grindingability. It should also have small oxidation and decarburization sensitivity And quenching deformation cracking tendency.

1. hardenability

Hardenability refers to the material characteristics characterized by the hardened layer depth and hardness distribution under the specified conditions, which depends mainly on the size of the critical quenching and cooling capacity of the material. Under the specified conditions, determine the hardening depth of steel and hardness characteristics of the distribution. That is, when the steel quenching the depth of the ability to get the depth of hardened, it shows the ability to accept quenching of steel. Good hardenability of steel and poor, commonly used hardened layer to represent the depth. The higher the hardened layer, the better the hardenability of the steel. The hardenability of steel is inherent in the properties of steel itself, it depends only on its own internal factors, and has nothing to do with external factors. The hardenability of steel depends mainly on its chemical composition, especially with the increase in hardenability of the alloying elements and grain size, heating temperature and holding time and other factors. Good hardenability of steel, steel parts can be the entire cross-section to obtain uniform mechanical properties and optional steel quenching stress quenching agent to reduce the deformation and cracking.

2. Oxidation,

Oxidation: In a narrow sense, the chemical reactions of oxygen and other elements of matter, called oxidation, are also important chemical processes. Generalized oxidation, refers to the material loss of electrons (oxidation number increased) process.