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Junction Box Mould Extremely Broad
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Mold is the most widely used in today's industrial production of the main process equipment, Junction Box Mould is the most important industrial means of production and process development direction, a country's industrial level depends largely on the level of development of the mold industry, Junction Box Mould mold industry development level Is one of the important signs of a national industrial level. Mold industry called the true sense of the "gold industry."

At present, Junction Box Mould China's auto mold potential market is very large. Junction Box Mould Quality stamping die in the automotive industry and other industries in short supply; die-casting molds in auto parts, equipment manufacturing industry surge in demand; injection molds in the development of household appliances and other industries is also a great role. In addition, the special mold also has a larger development prospects. National and local industrial policy support to promote the prosperity of the domestic mold market, Junction Box Mould but also attracts more and more international capital to the domestic transfer, with considerable size and vigorous development of the important industries.

The traditional solution is to connect the sensor to a junction box, the jumper box with the terminal jumper or in the heavy connector inside the jumper, Junction Box Mould in order to achieve the function of mold recognition.

1) first requires a lot of wiring work (terminal box, heavy load plug in the jumper) which led to the site installation time is very long.

2) Secondly, the terminal box is very large, affecting the appearance.

3) Because the sensor wiring and the mold identification jumper are in the terminal box or heavy-duty connector, resulting in troubleshooting is very difficult, need a very professional people to operate, Junction Box Mould once the problem is very difficult to troubleshoot.

For these shortcomings of traditional practices, Junction Box Mould GSEE-TECH relies on its rich range of connectors and connector solutions for many years to accumulate experience, innovative use of the junction box and a special code for the identification of the pin, Junction Box Mould making the sensor connection and Coding work greatly simplified at the same time, Junction Box Mould the most important thing is to achieve the troubleshooting and coding of the visualization!

Sensor connection and mold identification function in a sub-box to complete, Junction Box Mould so that the original narrow space to be effectively used and truly visualized, IP67 protection class of the junction box can be placed directly on the scene without any protection, Junction Box Mould the program is convenient Will lead the mold industry electrical connection disruptive concept change, will also bring more benefits to the user.