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Junction Box Mould Energy Composition
- Oct 23, 2017 -

With the progress of mankind, the global environment and energy has become an issue that we can not escape. The fundamental deterioration of the environment from the excessive exploitation of energy, Junction Box Mould waste and itself is not healthy composition. Therefore, to change the current energy composition, and actively develop and use green renewable energy has become a hot spot for our development today.

As one of the renewable energy of solar energy, whether from environmental protection or sustainable use of the point of view, have become the best choice for human beings, with a broad space for development. Until today, solar energy research and utilization has also gone through several decades of history. However, as we focus on the battery technology, component conversion efficiency and other hot spots at the same time, Junction Box Mould often overlooked some small but indispensable parts of solar energy, resulting in a good battery technology, good components can not be optimal Use, and even caused by the use of the process caused harm. Solar junction box is one of the many key components.

In the entire solar module system, the junction box is like an important transport hub, shoulder the power of the export component, the protection of the normal use of components, and transmitted to the next level of key connection.

With the explosive growth of China's PV market, Junction Box Mould the amount of solar junction box has doubled. At present, China's solar junction box manufacturing process has been at the global leading level. However, solar junction box into the Chinese market at the beginning, the domestic manufacturers do not have any experience. At that time the so-called junction box R & D is only in the copy of the copy, imitation of the lower level, with the new manufacturers continue to emerge, the junction box market competition increasingly intense and orderly formation of the domestic junction box design and manufacturing level significantly improved, Junction Box Mould Has gradually transition to the independent research and development stage, various types of junction box products as mushroomed in the PV market. The face of hundreds of thousands of solar junction box, how to choose a lot of buyers headache.

Junction box manufacturers or electronic circuit boards and MOS tube combination to replace the traditional metal parts and diodes, the use of MOS tube switching characteristics to reduce the loss caused by hot spots.Junction Box Mould Or in the junction box integrated power optimizer, always tracking the maximum power operating point of the component, when the PV module is blocked or mismatched, Junction Box Mould still make the PV module in the maximum power state. More in the integrated power optimizer function to give its output voltage limiting function, so that the rated system voltage in series with more components to improve the power generation.