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Junction Box Mould Different Anti-interference Performance
- Oct 13, 2017 -

Stainless steel as a common body material, can resist low-temperature, Junction Box Mould and has a good impact resistance, as the electrical wiring box used for rail vehicles, the performance of the material is relatively safe; aluminum alloy material, low-temperature impact resistance is good, but the welding quality requirements are higher, once the hanging foot weld is short, it is easy to appear, arc fusion defects. Carbon fiber electrical junction box in response to large temperature difference, impact, etc. Junction Box Mould are better than the previous two, carbon fiber material thermal expansion coefficient is small, thermal conductivity with temperature rise and decline, the ability to sudden cold, hot, in the high and low temperature changes in the size of the carbon fiber junction box will not change. Its anti-fatigue strength is much higher than the stainless steel and aluminum junction box, this is because the fatigue limit of metallic materials under alternating stress is only 30%-40% of the static strength, Junction Box Mould and the combination of carbon fiber and composite material can reduce the crack propagation and the possibility of redistribution of internal force of fiber. Therefore, the fatigue limit of carbon fiber composite is higher, about 70%-80% of the static strength, and there are obvious signs of deformation before failure. Junction Box Mould In addition, the carbon fiber box body resistance to acid is good, the acid is inert, the ability to concentrate hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acids and other erosion.

Different metal materials have different anti-interference performance, as a result, the structure body can realize the effect of electromagnetic shielding. Aluminum alloy is a good conductor of electricity, the high impedance of the electric field has a great shielding effect, Junction Box Mould but its shielding to the low impedance magnetic field is not ideal, in contrast, stainless steel has a good shielding effect on the low impedance magnetic field. Carbon fiber as nonmetal material, in order to realize the electromagnetic shielding of the box, it is necessary to carry out special treatment, spray conductive coating on the surface of the box body or foil in the carbon fiber material, and by the way that the metal foil is connected to the body chassis and the body grounding device,Junction Box Mould  it can achieve the ideal electromagnetic interference resistance.

Carbon fiber material both mechanical properties and production technology can meet the needs of rail transport industry, its lightweight effect will be very good to meet the special needs of rail vehicles lightweight, to promote the rail transit energy saving and emission reduction, Junction Box Mould reduce energy consumption, improve operational capacity and other aspects of special significance. With the further development of rail transit industry, carbon fiber products with its unique performance advantages will be in the rail transit industry to play a greater role.