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Analysis Of PP Pipe, PE Pipe Plastic Pipe, Such As Problems In The Raw Materials Market
- Jun 27, 2016 -

With the development of China's petrochemical industry, plastic pipe (PP pipe, PE pipe, etc), plastic profiles, plastic products, expanding production scale and quality is constantly improving. And drive the replacement of plastic raw materials, plastic pipe today basic raw materials supply channels open, but there are a lot of problems.

1. raw materials less, without special materials

PE material, users in foreign countries can be selected according to the different needs of different grades of raw materials, and for PE gas pipes that require, in order to guarantee pipe quality, using special material. Domestic production of PE resin is very big, but grades less and less due to the special material for the use of materials, special requirements, so common to large petrochemical companies, production and not up to the requirements of small enterprises.

2. the quality of raw materials is not stable

PP polypropylene raw material production, companies use different production technology, catalyst, process matching (aluminum and titanium, aluminum chloride, the addition of hydrogen, etc) are different, some manufacturers to produce equipment, molecular weight are not the same, and unstable performance.

3. the raw material processing, and fluctuations