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PE Pipe Fitting Mould How To Do It
- Jun 12, 2017 -

PE pipe fittings is a PE pipe, mainly used in steel wire mesh skeleton polyethylene pipe and PE gas pipeline connection, because of the more technical parameters, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the probability of the problem will be greater, then, how to ensure that the PE pipe connection is a major problem, the following along with the small addendum to learn the electrical melt PE Pipe fittings operation Method!

1, the impact of voltage and current fluctuations on the quality of the interface: the quality of qualified ex-factory PE fused pipe fittings, PE Pipe Fitting Mould the resistance of its internal resistance wire is constant. The heating power of the resistance wire is only related to the voltage supplied by the welding power supply, the heating power is changed, and the quality of the weld interface is changed by the influence of the heating power fluctuation.

A, not under the high-power machine, PE Pipe Fitting Mould direct access to the welding power supply, a total of a cable.

b, generally when the welding machine from the power supply within 50 meters using 2.5MM2 input cable. PE Pipe Fitting Mould When the welding machine is 50-100 meters from the power supply to choose the 4mm2 input cable line, when the welding machine from the power supply 100 meters need to add thick input cable or matching generators, PE Pipe Fitting Mould prohibit cable coil use.

2. Environmental temperature affects the quality of the interface PE pipe factory standard, welding time parameters are generally according to the 20 ambient temperature as the design standard. If the ambient temperature in the welding process is different, it means that the heat conduction condition changes during the welding process, which directly influences the quality of the weld. Therefore, PE Pipe Fitting Mould it is necessary to monitor ambient temperature, the ambient temperature of which is the ambient temperature around the weld point. The welding time correction value in the pipe fitting certificate has detailed explanation.

3, bad operation on the interface quality of the impact of the so-called bad operation, the main reason is the construction staff is not strong sense of responsibility, PE Pipe Fitting Mould not according to the operation procedures, connecting parts due to oil, water,PE Pipe Fitting Mould  soil and other reasons. Therefore, before welding, we must carefully check the operation procedures according to the operating procedures to obtain excellent welding interface.

Common phenomena are as follows:

A, PE pipe connection port is not scraping treatment or processing is not complete, the port is not chamfer or debris.

b, improper positioning, PE Pipe Fitting Mould pipe insertion depth is not enough, PE pipe and PE pipe is not the same axis

C, coil pipe before the welding pipe is not straightened, PE Pipe Fitting Mould or bending deformation of the pipe has not been treated as a garden.