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Pipe Fitting Mould Heating Treatment
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Pipe Fitting Mould molding on the high temperature requirements (generally 800 130 around), after the injection into the maintenance pressure to use cooling water, so that the mold temperature to 60-70 Shan. The high mold temperature holding molding is helpful to eliminate the defects such as weld wiring, flow marks, Pipe Fitting Mould product internal stress and so on. Therefore, in order to prevent heat loss, Pipe Fitting Mould the mold is usually added to the fixed-mode side of the heat insulation plate.

High-light molds produce products that can be used directly in the machine (assembly) without any surface treatment. Therefore it is very high in the mold steel and the plastic material request.

Each hot nozzle must be sealed with a needle and have an independent air channel, through the solenoid valve and time relays, such as separate control, Pipe Fitting Mould to achieve the time-sharing into the glue, so as to achieve control or even eliminate weld marks, the control mode is complex.

The mold heating method usually has the steam (hot water) heating and the electric rod (tube) heating two kinds. Steam (hot water) heating method is through a specific temperature control machine in the injection molding process to input steam (hot water), so that the mold rapid heating up; Pipe Fitting Mould After injection, cooling the mold with cold water, so that the mold cooling quickly. Electric heating way and water heating temperature control machine, in principle is the same, is the heat source is not the same, Pipe Fitting Mould electric heating is two times energy, water heating is three times energy, according to the principle of electric heating energy consumption is less, high utilization rate, energy efficiency and good. Easy to use, so said: if it is a flat (surface) products or electric heating mode of real Hui.

The waterway is of a 5-6mm size, with 1/8 or 3/8 teeth (mold side), on the other side, 3/4 inch thread (old-fashioned method); Now we change into one, Pipe Fitting Mould the best way is to do in the mold, the interface using the DN25 connection, so less heat loss, easy to operate, convenient interface.

The side of the waterway is generally selected from the product surface 5-6mm; it has an effect on the heating time of the mould, and the strength of the die has been selected. The parallel product surface of the waterway needs to be evenly arranged (the center 15mm Equal distance distribution) Thermocouple should be designed in the middle of the two waterways, the depth of more than 50mm, the maximum not to 100mm, Pipe Fitting Mould depending on the mold structure and flexible grasp. Each set of mold PT100 is a A, maintain its accuracy, it must be inserted into the mold cavity mold, and fixed. Connect to the outside of the mold with the lead wire, then attach to the temperature controller socket.

Mold waterway joints must be designed in the mold up and down side end or back side, the operation side (the side of the station) is not allowed to have a watercourse import and export or water pipe arrangement, to avoid the tube rupture soup production personnel.

Mold in and out of the mouth of the use of shunt plate design, water and heat mold temperature control system only one out of the interface, to reduce the excessive water connections, reduce the unnecessary loss of heat energy, and to achieve * * and energy-saving purposes. and corrugated pipe exterior with insulated tape winding, play the role of insulation and * *.

The construction of the mold hole (not the hole), Pipe Fitting Mould to use plug plug to ensure that no leakage leakage, the method is to first use copper plugging, then use taper throat tooth plus high temperature adhesive seal; The high light mould is more exquisite to the cooling waterway arrangement (the water hot mold waterway is common), the good waterway arrangement can not only greatly improve the injection efficiency, but also play an important role in improving the product quality. High-light molds are not only uniform but must be adequate (with sufficient quantity).

In this way, the mold heats up quickly; Pipe Fitting Mould at the same time, the use of a long water pipe directly to the core of the hydraulic lead to the use of sealing ring, so as to prevent the mold in the long run at high temperature, resulting in a sealing ring aging, but also reduce the maintenance costs of many molds. It is mentioned that the high temperature material (250 Shan) corrugated pipe must be used to carry the water pipe of the super light mould.

High pressure 1.6MPA corrugated pipe to prevent burst of water pipe under high temperature and pressure. Circular water is used for circular products, and parallel water channel is used for long strip products. For the high drop of the product using well form, for the special-shaped products and products with a three-dimensional water transport mode.