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PVC-u drainage pipe located in the ground floor kitchen of the advantages
- Jun 27, 2016 -

Wall drainage pipe laying in the ground floor kitchen with its unique advantages, in the design and construction technical support easier to overcome, but also has a beautiful, safe and sanitary conditions of the drainage system, so is currently one of the most commonly used. Here we take a look at the advantages of this approach:
(1) the drainage pipe in bathroom there is no obvious reduction pipeline, sanitary ware in a flexible, less interference noise on the lower drainage, construction is also more convenient;
(2) toilet with or without ceiling, clean and beautiful, compared with drainage, occupying the lower less space, improve the height of toilet;
(3) when there is a leak or repair, do not affect the lower household use;
(4) did in the bathroom floor free of health put the drainage pipe reserved hole plugging, effective way to eliminate leakage due to reservation and plugging doesn't pass problems, reducing quantities;