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Country attaches great importance to pipeline development of plastics industry
- Jun 27, 2016 -

Plastic pipe capacity is now more than 4 million tons per year, the industry has entered an important period of change from big to strong, brand-building, ensure coordination of upstream and downstream development and become the key to large plastic pipe industry to achieve stronger.

Country attaches great importance to development of plastics pipe industry, along with the accelerated process of urbanization, the construction of new countryside and the advance of urban pipeline network transformation and growing demand for plastic pipe, their development prospects. Plastic pipe as a building material, used for decades to ensure quality is a top priority. And establish brand awareness, fostering large and medium enterprises, are the basis of protection of product quality. Manufacturers must survive by quality, seek development, healthy competition, to maintain a healthy and orderly market order. 12 plastic pipes manufacturers last year awarded China famous brand product, there should be more products to enter the Chinese famous brand in the future, plastic piping and establish a good reputation in the community.